About me

"Art is born of the observation and
investigation of nature."

~Marcus Tullius Cicero~


Stefanie Ottens was born in 1987 in the rural province of Groningen (Netherlands), where in de province’s municipal she graduated both at Minerva Art College and in Art History at the university. She makes paintings and drawings. In the following text Ottens tells about her work.


“What motivates me to make art is my fascination for the wonders of nature and the famous escapist longing for another world. In my botanical illustrations I strive to a accurate representation of the plant and its parts. For my free work I am inspired by plants, animals, ornaments and people. I work in various media and try to depict subtle contrasts, in form, content and ambience."


"If you truly love nature,
you will find beauty everywhere"
~Vincent van Gogh~


Statement 'Introspection' Series

For each work I ask a woman from my environment if I can portray her together with a plant of her choice. In the Floriography (Language of flowers), for centuries, plants have stood for all kinds of symbolic meanings or secret messages. Every time I wonder if the choice of plant says something about the women themselves, without them being aware of it. The women and the flora I portray are the trigger for me, not the end goal. The aim is to be able to give meaning to the search for myself as an artist and as a woman. Who can you look up to if you haven't had a mother since young adulthood? Do I recognize my mother and therefore also myself in the women around me? Who are they to me and why am I painting them?




01 juni - 30 June 2024: Society of Botanical Artists, Plantae 2024, online exhibition.

17 november 2024 – februari 2025: Bomen in vier Seizoenen, Boomkwekerijmuseum Boskoop.

April 2025 - oktober 2025: Verfplanten, De Kruidhof, Hortus van Fryslân in Buitenpost.


1 oktober t/m 17 december 2023: Realisten 2023, De vijfentwintigste Onafhankelijke Realisten Tentoonstelling (ORT), Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam.
5 februari t/m 10 september 2023: Gronings licht, MOW Museum Westerwolde.
2 juli t/m 24 september 2023: Mijn Atelier-Mijn werk, Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam.

1 april t/m 26 juni 2023: Schaduwplanten Botanische Tuinen Utrecht, Vereniging Botanische Kunstenaars Nederland.
2 april t/m 25 juni 2023: 6e Magnifieke Miniaturen, Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam.
22 april t/m zondag 25 juni 2023: Algemene Leden Tentoonstelling Vereniging Botanische Kunstenaars Nederland, Schaduwplanten, Arboretum Kalmthout (België).
16 t/m 20 mei 2023: Plantae 2023, Mall Galleries London (United Kingdom), Society of Botanical Artists.

2023: INCL. lijst, Hooghouse Groningen, Hooghouse, Groningen.
24e Onafhankelijke Realisten Tentoonstelling (ORT) Museum MØhlmann, Appingedam.

2022: Magical Drawings - De kracht van het potlood, Galerie Autrevue, Heereveen.

2022: De Meesterhand, Museum MØhlmann, Appingedam.

2022: Open Studio, Molenstreek 314, Veendam

2022: Stefanie Ottens en Martin Horneman, Hortus Botanicus Haren.

2021: Visitekaartjesexpositie, Galerie Paterswolde.

2021: Diversiteit, Galerie Kunst op Vijf, Coevorden.

2021: KadvR, VanBerensteyn, Veendam.

2021: Magnifieke Miniaturen IV, Museum MØhlmann, Appingedam.

2021: Bax Kunst, galerie, Leek.

2021: Kerkenheem, Noorddijk Groningen.

2020: Miniaturen 3, Museum MØhlmann, Appingedam.

2018: Kunsthal, Slochteren.

2018: Kunst aan de Vaart, Assen.

2018: Klein kunstje, Museum MØhlmann.

2018: PORTRET in opdracht, Atelier Horneman, Groningen.

2017: Botanica Esthetica, Atelier Horneman, Groningen.

2016: Schoonheid en Sprookjes, Bart Art Box, Thesinge.

2016: Liefde & Lust, Kunstlievend Genootschap Pictura       

2015: 5 x 5 cm small art expo, Kunstlievend Genootschap
Pictura Groningen.

2015: 5 jaar Atelier Horneman: duo-expositie Stefanie Ottens en Martin Horneman, Groningen.

2014: 34e Mini Pint Internationale of Cadaqués, Taller
Galeria Fort (Spain) and Galerie L’Etangd’Art in Bages
(France), Wingfield Barns, Wingfield United Kingdom.

2014: 5×5 cm Mini Drawing Expo 2014, GYM in Groningen.

2013: Design Fleur Bloemen Award, Stefanie Ottens and
Martin Horneman.

2012: Gathered through Facebook, Atelier Horneman, Ten

2012: Martin Horneman en Stefanie Ottens, UMCG,

2012: Martin Horneman en Stefanie Ottens, Police station,

2011: Werkelijke fantasieën, Atelier Horneman, Ten Boer.

2011: Salon exhibition, Foundation Wep, Groningen.

Bedum. www.hamarkan.nl

2009: Jong in Groningen in 2009 # 1, Gallery Noord,

2008: Group exhibition, Gallery Pictura, Groningen.

2008: Solo exhibition, Sociale Verzekeringsbank, Groningen.

2008: Exhibition, Gallery Kunsthuis Noordwaarts, Eenrum

2008: Final exam exhibition Art Academy Minerva, Groningen.

2007: Exhibition Gallery t’Lageland Lageland.

2007: Mesdag, art project and exhibition, Art Academy
Minerva, Groningen.

2006: Art project, ‘De kip en de mens’, publication art
calendar, Art Academy Minerva, Groningen.

2006: Exhibition TEKEN EN, Art Academy Minerva, Groningen.
2006: Exhibition, De Kunstmijl, Leer, Duitsland.



Several private collections, Museum MØhlmann, Sociale Verzekeringsbank. 


Werkend lid, Vereniging Botanische Kunstenaars Nederland.
Fellow Member Society of Botanical Artists (UK).
Amercian Society of Botanical Artists, International Member.



2010-2012: Master of the Arts (Modern and Contemporary Art), University of Groningen.

2008-2009: Bachelor program (short) Art History, University of Groningen.

2004-2008: Bachelor of Fine Arts Art, Academy Minerva (painting), Groningen.


2021: Botanical drawing, Anita Walsmit Sachs, Hortus Botanicus Leiden.

Work experience

2010-today: Director/owner Atelier Horneman, frameshop, Groningen & Veendam.

2019-2023: Member Provinciale adviescommissie Cultuur, Drenthe.

2016-2021: Museumdirector, Stedelijk Museum Coevorden.
2019-2020: Chairwoman, Klassieke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, Groningen.


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